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Can I get a feature to change arrow sizes ? The current sizing is very small, make the arrow scalable to font size is a good bonus..

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    The arrows of connection lines, right? Would love to change their size, too. Agree!

  • Yes the arrow ends for connection lines.. Big joke, you can make lines thicker but the arrow ends are still MICROSCOPIC.. This should not be hard, I'm not asking for a new smart shape..

  • When you choose a thicker line for the connectors, the arrow head is hardly visible. Please give us the ability to change arrowhead size!

  • I'm part of a large organisation and recently team members highlighted their frustrations with the joiners/lines/arrows being tiny.

    Currently there are four arrow sizes but these are limited. It would be very helpful to be able to make them bigger!

  • This is so simple yet it took this long to do ?

    I am really fed up with Mural playing "Hunger Games" with the most basic features..

    We aren't asking to make Mural some Augmented Reality app, we are just asking for features that have existed in Microsoft Office since 2011 !!

  • Christina
    Christina ✭✭✭✭
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    One hack you can use to get around this until arrow size changes happen is using the shapes.

    You can create one arrow with squares and one with circles (which stretch to make rounded arrows).

    The arrow tips are just tilted smaller stretched squares or circle shapes.

    Do each once, grouping each threesome as one, and put both in your content library.

    Take them out any time you wish to use them, and include one of each on the mural in case any participant wants to make a copy and adjust at will. Each one can be colored and stretched as desired since it is a group.

    Added perk: you can write within the main arrow "line" since it is shape.

  • @Christina

    couldn't this be built in properly rather than MacGyvered in ? Imagine in-person piecing together post-it notes as you described..

    Again I refer to MS Office 2011 not even needing this to make a fat arrow.. Appreciate the work around, just in disbelief as a paid corporate user am getting such basic feature lacking.. And I'm told to play Hunger Games with the features I want.. First spend time looking if it's been asked for, then ask for it, then wait to see if it reaches any critical mass..

    This isn't a game, this is people paying for software and wanting to do work..

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I understand that you are missing this feature and I'm sure, the MURAL team will make real whatever they can make real as soon as possible. Any feature has to be researched, evaluated, programmed/implemented, tested, validated, documented etc. And all of those steps take time... They've created so many great things over the last months that you can be sure that they will work on this asap.

  • Long overdue improvement, agreed!

  • Not only the size, but also the arrow type indeed: I use the Mural to let trainees draft simple diagrams (e.g., UML or DEMO), and then especially the diamond heading of a line (open and/or closed and/or colored) is indispensable. See some examples below.

    I tried the workaround suggested by Christina by grouping a line with e.g. squares or diamonds; however, then the *connecting* capability of the line disappeared ;-(.

  • Just throwing in my support for more arrow shapes and sizes. Ideally, they could be dynamically changed, just like shapes with click/drag to embiggen/smallen, or alternately like text with + and - to do the same in a set range of sizes. Currently, the arrow is the same size regardless of the objects around it and that's frustrating.

    Additionally, being able to choose different arrow tips/end point shapes would be amazing, especially if you could choose to have the size of the connector independent of the size of the flow line -- like you could have a thinner line with a huge point.

  • Agree with all the above. I need more options for connector thickness and more nodes on connectors (to make an S-shaped connector) and more options for arrowhead size and type.

  • And still very much missing the usual lines... Not connectors or icons, but simple lines to be able to create your own templates.

  • Yes, and... the visible line thickness and arrow head size has everything to do with the zoom level of your board as you create it. If your zoom is set to a small percentage (less than 20%), the differences are not as noticeable. However if you begin creating your board closer to 50% zoom or more, the differences are more as expected. Hope that helps!

  • vmalep
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    This issue of arrow size is very important. In my opinion, the problem is not only that we cannot increase the size enough, but it also comes from the fact that the size is not reflected when we zoom out:

    On those screenshots, we see on the left the zoom in view and on the right the zoom out. The view should be adapted so when we zoom out, the size of the arrow and the thickness of the line should be preserved.

  • Agreed - we create lots of flow charts (program logic diagrams) where multiple arrows might flow into the same box and the arrowheads are indistinguishable once you stack more than one together. Changing line thickness does not help.