💡Feature Idea: Support agents to turn support cases into feature ideas on this community forum

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Having to explain your idea twice, once to a support tech to determine if it's a bug or a new feature request, and then again on the community forum, is a barrier to many folks actually submitting their feature request.

Could you find a way to transfer a summary of the support ticket to this forum and tag the user? It would obviously be something the user consents to have happen before each instance, but I suspect it would (1) increase the percentage of useful feature requests, as they'd be vetted by the support techs (2) lead to more easily understood feature requests, since they'd be written by professionals.

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    @GFreeman, this is excellent feedback! 📝

    The new feature idea process was launched a couple of weeks ago, and we are in the process of evaluating it. Thank you so much, and please stay tuned as we iterate!