💡Feature Idea: Sticky Note bundle

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Hi, it would be great if you had a template with bundles of stickys, it takes time to duplicate and put them in a way that people undestand there are a pile of it. I though one mural template with groups or bundles of objects would be great.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    So, you don't want people to create the stickies on their own, but prepare them, right?!

    Would it help you to once create a "stickies pile" and then save it to your Content Library so that you could easily add them by drag & drop to any of your murals?

    And maybe it would help to create a template on your own with lots of stickies in there?

    Or what am I missing out here?

  • +1 to Content Library

  • kara
    kara Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    I see value in this idea too - and from a template you could choose the bundle(s) to save to your content library.

    On the flip side...have you ever wished you could select a group of stickies, then 'stack' them? Let me know!

    -kara- 🤩

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Oh stacking stickies would be cool. And if then there were "cards" in addition to stickies which could be turned around, I would probably do even more stuff in MURAL e.g. creating something like SAP's "Mosaic" cards in MURAL... ;-)