3 new icebreakers to get participants warmed up!

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The key to a great session that welcomes engagement and participant contribution is one that enables the participants to feel relaxed with MURAL and with each other!

This week we present three new template warm ups! Each gives you a warm up for a variety of group sizes. Small group? Big group? No problem!

For a smaller group Favourite Ways Check-in is perfect for learning about personal preferences, working rhythms and of course general introductions!

Well what happens if the group is bigger than this, with 10+ participants? Round of applause for ‘The Icebreaker Range’ and start your session with an exhilarating obstacle run!

Do you have a group that is even bigger? 30+ individuals? Perhaps even 100+? Have no fear!! Grab a copy of the Ultimate Marching Band and march in unity!! 

Looking for more icebreaker ideas? Check out this post on Icebreaker templates and hop on into one of our Icebreaker conversations.

What warm ups would you like to see more of? For smaller groups? For bigger groups?


  • AshleyB
    AshleyB Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    I am super excited about this! I have probably been over-using the Animal Drawing Battle warm up game but I love it so much for getting people engaged in a remote session and comfortable with MURAL. So it'll be great to have new options. Ice Breakers really make a difference to the meeting and to the comfort level of the participants. Last time I did Animal Drawing Battle one of my colleagues let his 6 year old play for him because she was home from school :-)

  • I cannot wait to try the marching band. 👀 I would love to see some more icebreakers for medium to large groups. As Ashley mentioned, they really help set the tone, and it's tricky to do them in large settings without them taking up the whole session!