Get Your Spreadsheets in a FLASH!

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Hello! Come one, come all, com.....munity!

Now I know everyone here loves MURAL because it gives you a free-form area to build relationships between ideas, and easily cluster like ideas. That is not to say I don't see value in EVER using a spreadsheet, so I am here to give you a quick tip you might not know about, to get all that wonderful data into MURAL, and vis versa.

Check out the video, and let me know what you think. If you like it, check back next week (if not sooner, there is a wealth of knowledge here), for more tips and tricks by yours truly!


  • Very useful to know how MURAL interprets the copy-paste data from the spreadsheet, would have loved to see you copy with formatting (row/column) in-tact (I know you mentioned it, but I'm sure I would have learnt some sneaky shortcut if you'd done it!).

  • Lucy_OBrien
    Lucy_OBrien Mural Team mod

    Great tip Gino!!

  • 🍿We are def best friends now. Thanks for this handy video! I love a good reason to stop using a traditional spreadsheet. Can't wait for more of your videos. #fangirl

  • I can't see the video. I'm using a MacBook Air with the current OS and the current version of Chrome. Help? I think this is exactly what I might need.

  • Hmm @Piper Thank you for posting this question. Can you see it by going to youtube? If not please DM and I am happy to help!