What is the best way to manage a super vocal detractor in your workshop?

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I am hoping someone has some tips for dealing with vocal and extremely difficult detractors in the audience.


  • Linds
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    @Tricia ....GENIUS! and so simple! Please keep the tips coming! 😊 👍

  • @Angela, these are great tips. Love the idea of a cue everyone can use if the rabbit holes are seen!

    Quick question - by assigning a post it note, do you assign one note per person or do you build out an area per person so they can use more than one sticky?

    This is how my brain feels when a rabbit trail starts!

  • Jeff_Eyet
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    On Zoom, it's harder for people to catch social cues and body language. A safe word is a great tactic.

  • @Amanda it depends on the Mural. As my sessions are all aimed on collaboration and seeking group views on defined topics I generally have multiple post it notes in each 'activity area' with their name assigned on dedicated post it note. I have between 8-10 delegates in my workshops so its easy to control. I do it in this way so when private mode is then switched off everyone can easily see the thoughts of their colleagues in 1 space.

    My brain feels the same on rabbit holes too lol!

  • @Jeff_Eyet Yes this is exactly why i use the safe word technique :) it makes it a comfortable way for anyone to shout out the word and make the talker check themselves! I also use safe word for people to shout out if ground rules are being broken too.

  • @Tricia This is amazing! Do you by any chance have examples of how you introduce this idea? I would love to see a an example of what you share visually in a MURAL, or how you set this up. I LOVE this idea, and will definitely be adding it into my toolkit!

    And, each time I use it, I will make sure to tell everyone that you taught me how to do this magic trick!😀

  • @Angela Thanks so much for these amazing tips and suggestions. I am stealing the "safe word" right away. That is such a great idea! We can always feel when things are going off the rails, but creating a safe space and language to signal to everyone that we are heading down the rabbit hole is brilliant!

    Thanks so much for all the clarity and support here friends! This has truly helped a ton!


  • LyndaBaker
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    @mroy I sadly admit that as a participant i am often one of the overly enthusiastic players - and in the spirit of inclusion of extraverts and people who actually do have differently wired brains - please think of us as enthusiastic contributors rather than vocal detractors. You may come up with even more creative ways to leverage what you refer to as detractors and think of them as catalysts. @Amanda

  • LyndaBaker
    LyndaBaker MCN ✭✭

    @Amanda i like your use of private mode - I am going to uses that more!

  • @LyndaBaker This is a great reframe. Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness here.

  • Linds
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    This is such a great perspective @Christina - thank you for sharing with us, and turning this on its head to be a positive thing! Like you said, it's a good "problem" to have. 😊