August 5 Web Release: New templates for team building, leading better meetings, and more!

Web release

New Templates

🔅 Build transparency in quarterly planning

Improve visibility and identify dependencies in large teams during quarterly planning with this new Big Room Quarterly Planning template.

⏰ Save time preparing for your workshop

Get started quickly with access to all of the building blocks you need to structure an effective workshop in no time with this General Workshop template.

🎊 Add fun and energy to your next meeting

With this Warm-ups and Icebreakers template, you’ll find activities to bring your team closer together with memorable energizers. 

🥇 Run successful all-hands meetings

Celebrate successes and enable meaningful conversation with this Remote All-Hands template to inspire and engage your team. 

📝 Keep track of your daily tasks

Get a better overview of all the tasks you need to do to achieve your goals with this To-do List template. 

✏️ Stay organized in school

Keep track of due dates, assignments, and classes with this School Planner template.

✨ Make your resume and cover letter shine

Identify, organize and gather feedback on all of your achievements with this Resume & Cover Letter Brainstorm & Feedback template.


Bug Fixes 

🐞When a user would drag a drawing, the drawing would sometimes appear cropped to other users.

🕷It was not possible to move connectors with the keyboard arrow keys.

🐛When editing different objects consecutively, it would appear as if the user was still editing to other users which was blocking them from interacting with those objects.

🦟 It was not possible to connect objects that were placed on top of a locked group.

🐞When typing inside a text box that was included inside a grid area, the text box would not expand to the length of the grid area and it would be displayed outside its boundaries.

🐛When exporting a mural, certain images would not appear in the export due to a time out issue. 

🦟 When hovering over the Search bar in canvas, the text bubble was cropped. 

🐞 The user menu looked twice as tall for guests.

🐛When starring or unstarring a room, the icon wasn’t updated.

🦟 The confidential tag in the ‘duplicate mural' and 'move mural’ modal was oversized.

🐞“End voting session” button was enabled for visitors who don’t have permission to end voting sessions.

🕷When trying to delete a voting session in a mural with 20+ sessions, users weren’t able to scroll all the way down the list of voting sessions. 

🐛Undo and redo were not applying to resolving/reopening comment threads.

🦟 Sidebar was opening when panning using space during a voting sessio