August 12 Web Release: New templates for quarterly planning and team building, and fixed some bugs

Web release

New Templates

💯Plan and measure quarterly success

Reflect on results of the previous quarter and provide clear focus and direction for what’s ahead with this OKR Planning Workshop template.

🤩Get to know your team

This Team Builder Playground template builds team connections in an informal setting to help develop healthy work relationships.

Bug Fixes 

🐛View only users who don’t have permission to create comments were seeing the instructions in the comment tab explaining how to create comments. 

 🦟 Objects weren’t being properly saved to the Content Library after switching object type.

🕷While panning during a voting session with the outline open, facilitators were seeing the menu temporarily appearing in the outline. 

🐞 Sometimes, it was not possible to change the order of items in the outline.

🕷Objects in their hidden state (during Private Mode) weren’t shown to people who entered while the session was in progress. 

🐛When undoing a change in the mural size and then pressing re-do, the mural size would not be updated for the user that did the change but would be updated only for collaborators inside the mural.

🦟When trying to add an accent to a letter via long press on Mac, the accent would get added to the first letter of the sentence. 

🐞Arabic and Hebrew words and punctuation marks would sometimes be swapped in order.

🕷Arabic and Hebrew characters were previously not supported.