August 19 Web Release: Bullets, numbered lists, new templates, and bug fixes

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited September 2021 in Product Releases

Web release

New Features

🚅 Add bulleted and numbered lists inside of text boxes

Now, you can create visual hierarchies and lists with bullets and numbered lists inside of text boxes. You can add bullets and numbered lists from the toolbar of the text box or by using a keyboard shortcut (Type - or * and then press the spacebar for a bullet or type 1. then press the spacebar to start the list). To help you move even faster, you can copy and paste bulleted and numbered lists from other apps into the text box. Note that only one indentation level is supported but in the future, we will support multiple indentation levels.‍

New Templates

😎Get to know your team

Check-in on mood and align on methods with this quick-fire activity to warm your team up for the day ahead with this Favorite Ways Check-in template.

🥁Familiarize yourself with MURAL

This Ultimate Marching Band and Ice Breaker Range templates can help you and your team become familiar with MURAL through simple and fun activities. 

📝 Drive student engagement

Save time preparing for class and drive deeper learning of your class material with this Class Lecture Toolkit template.

Bug Fixes 

🐛When using the shortcut to select all objects (command + A), the mural would sometimes freeze.

 🦟 Removing hyperlinks weren’t being saved when refreshing the page.

🕷When adding two consecutive line breaks in sticky notes, they were not being saved after exiting edit mode.

🐞After a member left a workspace, it was still visible in their My Workspaces dashboard.

🐛 When migrating members and content between workspaces, access to and ownership of rooms was not getting transferred correctly.  


  • @JanaeSmith 😭 I am so happy right now! I got a little confused and was trying to use a shape, but once I opened a text block, I used bullets and numbers to my hearts content.

  • @JanaeSmith Any plans to add hierarchical lists so we can make text outlines? And if so, any estimate when that might happen?

  • Hierarchical lists would be a HUGE + for this platform. It's kind of an obvious feature for a platform that is mimicking a whiteboard...