💡Feature Idea: Spotlight User Votes

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  1. What I want MURAL to be able to do.
    1. During a voting session in MURAL I'd like users to have the ability to spotlight where their votes have been placed.
  2. The problem I'm trying to solve.
    1. On large MURAL boards it is easy to accidentally place a vote and then not have the ability to find where that vote was placed. It also may be helpful if a user forgets where they previously voted. A spotlight feature would allow a user to quickly remember where they placed their votes.
  3. Why this helps everyone.
    1. Voting can be a powerful tool in design sessions. And design boards can get large when multiple sections are developed. Votes are easily applied but that can create challenges in accidental votes. Users have to zoom in very closely and scan the entire board to try and find their misplaced vote. This was a common challenge in team design sessions.
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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Oh it would be helpful at times. In other times, anonymous voting is key to me. I would extend this to feature request to be able to highlight a creator's content, no matter if it's stickies, shapes, ... or votes. It would sometimes be helpful when someone is presenting their ideas to easily figure out and "find" what they've added (especially for them when presenting).

    Yes, I could work around with separate areas for everyone, presenting contributions and then throwing stuff together, but it would be cool to be able to highlight contributions from a person in a bunch of stickies for a presentation.

    Hm, I will check if that's possible with the search feature already...