Icons moved in private mode w/ anonymous enabled show user (via "show info" option)

Hi -

It's possible to see the user/person for icons moved in private mode with the "keep content anonymous" option enabled. This makes private mode useful only for written content, which is very limiting... moving icons/content to positions on a board is also useful content (such as perspective mapping).

To reproduce:

  • Put some icons on a board
  • Enable private mode w/ retain anonymous setting
  • Move them around (e.g., on a spectrum of "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree"
  • Stop private mode
  • Click an icon and select "show info" from right-click menu

It's the same thing with a sticky note - if I add it in private mode, but type nothing, the user can still be uncovered. Is this how private mode is supposed to work? If so, it's misleading and less useful than a visual board could be.


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  • Irish
    Irish Mural Team mod
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    Hi Z,

    Thank you for reaching out! You need to enable private mode first before putting some icons and stickies on the board. Can you try and check if it still happening?




  • Yes, that seems to work. User experience feedback: this function is very misleading, and also inhibits a lot of creativity (and functionality) in design. It's not very intuitive - for example, your template "Collaboration That Works" has pins pre-placed for use, with the instruction to move them in private mode... which won't work, as we've confirmed. It seems it isn't just users, but Mural designers, who also misunderstand the feature ;)