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Hi Muralists (I guess that's what we call ourselves :-),

I love the ability to create Mind Maps in Mural.

At the end of every Mind Map idea session, you would like to do something with the items that you collected. Have them listed, ideally with the hierarchy information intact. A nice to have would also be to capture who added the idea.

I created a Mind Map Test Canvas that you can check out!

If you highlight the area that you would like to download, you can save the details of your selected sticky notes as a .csv file.

I uploaded the results to this worksheet.

Love that the link that I added to one of the sticky notes got captured :-)

What is missing is the hierarchy of the Mind Map.

So I quickly copied the content to a second sheet in the same worksheet and added a suggestion on how to capture that information.

Have a column that lists the levels with the main node being 0. Every sticky note that is below that main node gets a number of how many levels removed from the main node they are.

A second column captures which one is the parent node of that sticky note. Open to ideas on how to set it up that the dataset can easily be sorted to recreate the hierarchy.

I think such an addition would really improve Mural's usability for folks like me, that like to create Mind Maps.

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  • Linds
    Linds Mural Alum ✭✭✭

    A lot of great ideas in this thread, @finnern ! Thank you for writing them out and adding screenshots for us! I hope to see votes come in on this one - maybe even a solution or two! 😊

  • This would be great. Even worth with the new sitemap template that doesn't even allow to export the nodes as CSV!?
    Often mind maps are used to capture and structure ideas that are then transformed into spreadsheets to keep track or assign owners to topics.

    This would be very helpful! I now need to manually create the spreadsheet and transfer a mind map with over a hundred nodes.