⚡️⚡️ Quick tip: When you share in community, publish murals as templates

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We love when you share your templates with us! Here are a few tips on how to share successfully! 💝

We recommend publishing your murals as templates before sharing them with others outside of your workspace. To publish a mural as a template, click on the export button in the upper left corner while you're in the mural.

Once your mural is a template, you can share it.  Anyone who creates murals from your templates will begin with the exact same content, again and again. To share a template, click on the share button while you're looking at the template.

Note: If you share a link to a mural you might invite more people to your workspace. If you publish your murals as templates anyone can create a mural from that template in their own workspace. When publishing a mural as a template, people won't be able to touch their original mural, so your hard work doesn't get deleted accidentally.

What's questions do you have about publishing and sharing templates? Ask us everything you always wanted to know.


  • If you ever want to test a mural template before you share it, please dm me the link, and I am happy to check it. Thanks, Emilia for this great post!

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    This is a helpful reminder post on how to do this. Appreciate the helpful tips and tricks about templates.

  • Great to see some basics!!

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    Hi @Emilia

    I have a question about this. I am making a template for a client. In this mural I use an object’s link to connect one sticky note to another part of the mural. When I share this template with my client and he makes his own mural with this template, the links refer to the initial mural I made in my workspace. Is there a workaround for this? Of course I want de object’s link in my clients mural to refer to his new mural instead of mine. 

    Looking forward to your answer!

  • Hi @KirstenJacobs! Thank you that's a very good question.

    When you publish a mural as a template, the template will have the exact same composition of elements as the original mural, so any links you're adding to sticky notes will stay the same when publishing the mural as a template.

    What you could do instead is publishing all the murals that need to be linked together as templates, and update the templates with the links to the other templates that are part of the same series after they have been published (you can edit templates after they have been published). This is how we did it for the Quick start workshop and Workshop building blocks templates. Here you can see how we included the links to the templates in the sidebar so anyone can create murals from both templates included in the series.

    Leave the sticky notes unlinked in the mural you publish as a template, but leave a placeholder on top indicating how and where to add links.

    Looking forward to hearing how this works out for you! Happy to share more examples and give more tips on how to set up template systems that include multiple murals.

  • Hi @Emilia ,

    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, this is not a solution.

    My client is going to share the template within his organization. Adjusting things manually is not what they want. I think I will set up the Outline in a smart way.

    I talked with @ryannee about it in a different part of the community. See: https://community.mural.co/discussion/comment/1138#Comment_1138

  • @KirstenJacobs thanks for sharing! Let's continue this conversation on the other thread to keep this one focused on publishing and sharing templates.