Gamification of interaction in Mural

Hi there,

I've been using mural for a couple of years, but this is my first venture into the cafe! Hello 👋.

I am setting up a weekly ideas sharing meeting and want to encourage those who can't attend to drop into the Mural every week, and add their contribution. I've been trying to think of how this could be gamified in an easy way for me to manage. So when someone contributes it is a point towards a badge for example. I see that this forum has a badge rewards for contribution.

Some people will be dropping as Mural visitors and some have Mural accounts.

Any ideas how this could be done simply? Has anyone done something similar?




  • Well hello there Laura! Welcome to the café!

    This is such a great question. I am definitely going to keep tabs on the responses here.

    Let me know if this makes any sense at all:

    1. I like to try and focus on thinking about what the interactions of my activity are like.
    2. What does the activity require, what is something I can take away, or add later, what is essential?
    3. Then I make a list of games that are like that. Same shape, same controls, same goals, same layout etc.
    4. Then I try to quickly explore ways to bring the two together.

    For example with your activity and question I thought:

    1. Sounds like it needs to be structured by days
    2. Sounds like it is the scope of a week's time
    3. Feels like people are competing to fill it up, and win a prize
    4. Sounds like the water gun carnival game where people race each other by filling the target with water (not sure if that is a game everyone has played, or if this is a Western United States kinda thing).

    I made a quick sketch if it helps, and I will add it here.

    Let me know if this is helpful, and thank you so much for asking this question.

  • Ooh This is a neat idea. @mroy such a fun idea. @Lorzza thanks for the question. The Templates team shared this beautiful retro (I like, I wish, I wonder), it has a warm up and cool down with badge design baked in. It can get people talking about what they value and why. At the end of the week, everyone can award badges to each other.

    With the async nature of the work you are describing, I wonder if you could give everyone a space to collect badges week over week on the same mural.

  • Thanks @mroy and @Amanda! Both really useful replies that have got me thinking.

    So I have decided to do something a bit like both. Having your own counter and moving your counter up a place -once for joining the MURAL, and another for contributing. They will reach staging posts which recognise their commitment and contribution. At these points I will also do a public praise on yammer.

    Just working on the Mural now and will show you when its ready to go!

  • My amazing colleague has made this!

  • @Lorzza this is BEAUTIFY! I cannot wait to hear how it goes! ✨