💡Feature Idea: Keep drawings on top or connected to what's below them somehow

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1. What you want to be able to do in MURAL: there's a little room for improvement when the following happens: Create a large area. Create another smaller area and drag it into the first area. Drag an image (e.g. Scenes by SAP figure) to the second ("inner") area. Take the pen from the toolbar and draw a smile on the figure or something else. Click "Done drawing".

2. The problem you are trying to solve: The smile is "gone" because it seems to be moved to one of the lower layers and becomes "invisible" this way. Would be great if there was a way to solve this e.g. by connecting something drawn automatically to the image below or having something drawn always on the top layer or so or so or so... I'll leave the finding of a solution up to your MURAL brains ;-)

3. Why this helps everyone (or many people): People love to draw on things e.g. smiles on the figures of Scenes by SAP and other stuff. People don't expect things to disappear after "done drawing" ;-)

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