💡 Feature Idea: I would like to be able to view the most popular templates

What I want to be able to do?  (t would be great to see the templates sorted by popularity to easily find the ones that work for many other people, but this is a just a nice to have.

Problem I am trying to solve: MURAL now has lots of great templates, but to me it's hard to figure out the new additions and to find my favorites from this large pool for my own sessions. It's also hard for me to pick which new template to try.

Why this helps everyone (or many people): Everyone has favorite templates and wants to find them quickly, I suppose. And it would save time to easily find the new (this could be solved by sort by date) and favorite ones

All of this refers to working with MURAL's built in templates in the first place, but they would also be helpful for our own templates, too.

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