Object's link refers to wrong mural.


I am making a template for a client. In this mural I use an object’s link to connect a sticky note ('go to') to another part of the Mural. When I share this template with my client and he makes his own mural with this template, the link refers to the initial mural I made in my workspace in stead of my clients mural in his workspace. Is there a workaround for this?




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  • AshleyB
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    Thank your for submitting this @KirstenJacobs. Ryan checked in with the product team and this has been captured as a feature request. I created a Feature Idea on the forum here:

    💡Feature Idea: Update the "Go To" links when I copy a MURAL or create from a Template

    Can you please have a look and see if I captured this correctly? And of course vote it up and add comments while you are there!


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello everyone! Thank you for all the help @ryannee and @AshleyB, and thank you KirstenJacobs for posting this question.

    I have gone a head and submitted this to the support team to add to our bug-tracker, as it kind of skirts the line between a bug and a feature idea. If you'd like to be added to the support ticket, KirstenJacobs, please let me know! Either way, I will come add updates here.

    Thank you again! 🦸‍♀️


  • ryannee
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    @KirstenJacobs Hmm, this is an interesting and tricky situation, and I'd like to understand it better. Does this summary describe your situation accurately?

    - - -

    The behavior that you're observing:

    1. Template A has a link to another area within Template A (which causes the Go To label to appear)
    2. Later, New Mural B is created from Template A
    3. A link within New Mural B points to a part of Template A, rather than to another part of New Mural B.

    The behavior that you expected:

    1. Template A has a link to another part of Template A (which causes the Go To label to appear)
    2. Later, New Mural B is created from Template A
    3. A link within New Mural B points to another part of Mural B, just like how Template A linked to another part of Template A.

    Is that right, or am I misunderstanding the MURAL issue that you're encountering? Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we're going to have a short-term fix for this problem, but I want to make sure our product teams understand your situation. Thank you!

  • KirstenJacobs
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    Hi @ryannee ,

    Thanks for your reaction. Yes, you understand it correctly.

    My plan B consists of using the Outline. When I was experimenting with this, I noticed that when I make a template using the Outline, the outline in the new Mural does refer to the right part of the new Mural. I will write this down like you did.

    1. In Template A I created an Outline. When clicking on a part of the Outline the user goes to the selected area in Template A.
    2. Later, New Mural B is created from template A.
    3. The elements of the Outline in New Mural B point correctly to the areas in New Mural B.

    So.... Does this mean that the functionality I am looking for in my initial question DOES exist in a way? Because otherwise the Outline in New Mural B would have pointed to the areas in initial template A.

    Maybe this is useful knowledge for the product team, because maybe it is not a big step to solve my issue (for future releases of course)

    Have a nice day!

  • ryannee
    ryannee Mural Team mod

    @KirstenJacobs Like Ashley mentioned, lots of people at MURAL are aware of this issue now. Thanks so much for helping us discover this link behavior. As you figured out, the outline is probably the best workaround for this at the moment, rather than making links from within the mural itself.