Ability to Work with Multilingual teams

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I am teaching a course at US university that is a partnership with a university in China. We would like to use MURAL for live facilitation however the facilitation is translated through Webex as we talk and lecture. Are there any translation features that might work with multilingual teams?]

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  • Linds
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    Hi @mpannone ! There is nothing like you described that lives natively within MURAL. Perhaps someday in the future! 😊

    Sorry if that is disappointing; I will leave this thread open for the rest of the community to chime in on solutions they might have used to accomplish this. Maybe some of our experts in the Teacher's Lounge has a good recommendation? Let us know how you end up solving for this!

  • Meghan
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    Hi @mpannone! I'm Meghan, the newest Community Manager, picking up Lindsey's torch! @GFPS_BOB's newest Feature Idea considers this- could we borrow your vote?

    In the meantime, I am moving this from the Q+A category to Feature Ideas, in case this helps with traction 🤞