💡Feature Idea: Enabling edit access when embedding Murals

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I love that we can now embed Murals in other sites- we are using this within our Rally ALM tool!

However, the fact that they are view-only drastically decreases the value- as we spend most of our time when tracking our work in Rally. Being able to edit Murals in Rally would be awesome. And it seems possible, as we've seen tools like Miro make this possible.

I believe a lot of people use Rally, however it could greatly benefit from the collaboration functionality of Mural!

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  • Linds
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    So glad you took the time to write this need out for us @scotttoohey ! We're often looking at what integrations we need! 👍Thanks so much!

    I see this specific Feature Idea was created twice, so I am merging the information here in this thread so we can capture as many votes as possible, in one thread!

    "I see that there is an existing integration between Jira and Mural- it would be great to have this same integration made available with the Rally ALM tool!

    We use Mural to facilitate a lot of our various sprint events, but then we often have to update Rally separately- it would be great if we could reduce manual steps by being able to do things like create Rally items directly from Mural.

    I believe a large amount of people use Rally as an ALM tool, but it doesn't have nearly as robust collaboration functionality as Mural."

  • Thanks @Linds! You're right these two ideas are connected. I think the difference is the extent of the integration and where we'd be working. Enabling the ability to edit an embedded Mural would let us make changes to a Mural in our Rally tool. Enabling a full on integration between Mural and Rally would let us make changes in Mural that would be reflected in Rally. Thanks for considering and for all you do!

  • We are a currently developing a platform where trainers and coaches can plan and execute their online training sessions. One of our features is having the participants of a session work collaboratively on whiteboards like Miro and Mural without having to leave our platform. So far this is working great with Miro since they allow us to embed a board with edit access. But since a lot of trainers use Mural, we would love to see a similar simple integration here.