💡Feature Idea: Update the "Go To" links when I copy a MURAL or create from a Template

AshleyB Mural Alum ✭✭✭

Problem to solve:

I like the "go to" linking feature but link from one part to another part of the Mural. However, when I use the feature in a template the link refers to the initial Mural instead of updating to work within the one I have just created. This also happens if I duplicate or copy/paste a Mural.

Example of what happens now:

  1. Template A has a link to another area within Template A (which causes the Go To label to appear)
  2. Later, New Mural B is created from Template A
  3. A link within New Mural B points to a part of Template A, rather than to another part of New Mural B.

Example of what I would like to have happen:

  1. Template A has a link to another part of Template A (which causes the Go To label to appear)
  2. Later, New Mural B is created from Template A
  3. A link within New Mural B points to another part of Mural B, just like how Template A linked to another part of Template A.

Solving this will help lots of people save time and effort; the purpose of using a template to create a Mural or copy/pasting/duplicating is to save time but when these links are not smart enough to change with the Mural we have to take extra steps to make it work.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I imagine this would be helpful at times, but also tricky to implement, I guess.

    Because in the copying process, MURAL would have to identify which links are internal links on the same mural and which ones are external references to another mural or to the web (and not to be changed in the copying process) and then change the internal ones.

    There would also be questions to be solved like: If you had a Mural A pointing to Mural B for breakouts and you copy Mural A to Mural C what should happen then with the links to Mural B?... Quite complex to solve, I think.

    Maybe it would be a great first step to have a central list / table or "wizard" when copying for the facilitator in which all of the links in a mural are shown and can be modified freely manually from a central point of the mural.

    I see that would not solve your issue of time-consuming copying and maybe errors because one link has been missed to change etc., but maybe helpful, too?

  • Mural already recognizes links to itself and displays "Go to", for external links "Open" and for links to another mural or parts of it "Open Mural". Therefore, it is actually self-explanatory what should happen when copying; of course, you could offer a corresponding option. The dialogue for copying already exists, the option would look good here. We have also heard this wish from various colleagues.

  • Exactly Nils. Mural is self aware of internal links to the same Mural board. These should update automatically when duplicating a Mural file

  • That would be very helpful. Use Case for example: I give trainings for a client company and there are different training groups. Every group has an own mural and for making navigation more intuitive und fluently I am using the goto-links very often. For each group I have to update the links manually. Grrrhhhh ;-)