💡 Feature Idea: Visually display dynamic areas from several canvases into one canvas

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Hi there - I've been wanting to share this idea for over a year, and only just discovered this Mural community!

What I want to be able to do: Set a frame within a canvas as a *Dynamic Frame* (with a name). Then, add one or more Dynamic Frames to another canvas. Whenever any content within a Dynamic Frame is updated, it automagically updates wherever it's displayed in any other canvases (note: you can only edit its contents if you're accessing the original version in its own canvas).

Problem I'm trying to solve: (1) Sometimes I want to have people in several breakout groups each using a canvas, but not see what other groups are doing at the same time. Yes, I could give them all their own canvas, but then it's really clunky trying to then bring the summaries of their content all together into the one 'central canvas. (2) Sometimes I want one particular part of a canvas open for anyone to see, but not the whole canvas... but access is restricted to either all or nothing. (3) Sometimes I have several canvases going for a research/consultation project, and it'd be totally rad for each canvas to have a summary area, where I can then have a 'Summary' canvas that displays just the summary areas.

Why this would help everyone (or many people): I think this would help facilitators to grapple with a lot of content across multiple groups, and help to visually summarise content into one central place. It would also help researchers and consultants be more effective at displaying essences and summaries of information. It would also help people and teams who want to only share part of a canvas (say, a 'final' version of info), while keeping the rest of the draft and rough content/info in the canvas restricted.

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