[BUG]We have problems with duplicating objects within and between murals

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Did anyone have the problems on duplicating the objects within and between murals with Command C /Ctrl C command?

If someone has any solution, please share with us ASAP!


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  • Yes - I experience the same at times. I had a situation if I have two Browser sessions open (Safari) - that when the tabs are in the same window it worked, when they were two different windows it failed. I have also had situation if I was copying from one MURAL space of a colleague to a board in my own workspace it also did not work (always).

    It is not a structural thing, so may actually hardware and local client related (not MURAL). I am unsure.

  • I have absolutely same situation and I'm quite confused that there isn't more complains already. Cmd + D still works, but it's problematic if you wanna use more canvases.

    But it's happening on different PC/Mac systems with different browsers. I'm quite sure, that's not a browser/OS problem.