💡Feature Idea: Duplicate rooms and repopulate existing cross-links (in the room)

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When duplicating a room into another workspace (to hand over content etc.) links between boards that exist in that room (e,, break-out boards, sub-teams, sub-work-packages) need to be 'reconnected again which is a tedious and time consuming activity.

Would be nice to have a 'regenerate in-room connections' feature when duplicating

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hi, is this request basically the same as this one here?

    If yes, maybe you'd like to join the discussion over there?

  • Similar but different

    This Feature ideas talks about solving a similar issue but from a template.

    My request related to having a workshop set-up in a single room, duplicate that room and all links created remain links to original boards in that original room.

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Ok, I see your point.

  • TheSharkCage
    edited October 2022

    We need this very thing. We train 1 to 2 different cohorts (30+ people) at least twice a month. These people can come from 10-20 different organisations across the county or internationally.

    I have a master set of murals (37) that need to be duplicated into a new room every session. The links then have to be set for each mural to the Plenary mural in that new room. So not linking back to the original set, just linking to the murals in the new room

    To be able to duplicate a room with all its murals, folders and settings would be life changing.

    No need to mention the productivity increase.


  • I need this functionality as well. For every new group of students, I duplicate the room and then have to go back and change every link. Links end up going back to the room I duplicated from, rather than to the murals within the room. It would be nice if links were absolute rather than relative.