Most inspirational session you've ever led in MURAL?

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Would love to hear examples of particularly inspirational sessions you've facilitated or participated in MURAL.


  • Chris_W
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    Great question @sweetpete! In IBM Middle East and Africa, we had to very quickly enable more than 600 consultants in the use of remote tools. We used MURAL to create the curriculum for each session, and were able to quickly train everyone in WebEx, Slack, Box, Jira, Trello, and MURAL. It was about an 8-week effort, with tons of new connections made between internal teammates, right at the outset of the Spring 2020 lockdown.

  • sweetpete
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    Love this, @Chris_W! Wow... Curious to hear how you would characterize the impact that this work ended up having (in your view).

  • Chris_W
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    Hi @sweetpete

    Top impacts:

    1) No time was wasted in acquisition of tools. They had already been made available.

    2) Of all the tools, perhaps WebEx and Mural has the greatest penetration, because of their adaptability. Slack was a close 3rd, but only powerful for the teams who really used its functionality.

    3) Biggest impact, clients seeing us using these tools, MURAL in particular was a big hit, and has produced a lot of valuable use cases.

    4) A greater opportunity for connection while being remote and on lockdown. When we could not meet up F2F, we had still options to work and play together.


  • Christina
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    @TobiasWosowiecki This is fascinating. Would you be able to share any thoughts on how a simplified version could be used in a classroom setting with students that have no idea about energy industry specifics? I would be super interested in trying out something like this.

    Meanwhile, today my students created empathy maps as if they were working for our university, designing "the typical student" persona as they wish to be seen. It was fascinating how different each group's version was, although on the surface our student profile seems quite homogenous. They included humor and real insight so valuable that it will serve a double function - a teaching tool for them to learn about EMs, and for us to learn about them: they were pleased to give the green light to have their maps shared with our marketing department. I think the idea that their efforts would be taken seriously in the "real world" played a part in motivating such great results.

    @sweetpete Thanks for this great question!

  • @Christina You can do this with any kind of topic and also in a simplified version. First what you have to do is to think about a storyline. For instance when you teaching history, you could place a empty world map and ask you students to draw in the borders and how they changed through time. When you think about on if the popular animations from a history tv or youtube channel - that is something what you can easily do with your students in an interactive way in MURAL.

    And of course you can do something like that with any kind of topic :-)

  • Welcome @Michelle! I love this. What do you think worked best from the work shop, and why do you think it worked? Also, I adore the little monster on the mountain!!!👾🗻

  • Thanks @Amanda :) this mountain was also my favourite part :-D

    the best worked the voting session, because it was easy and intuitive and not too much effort needed from the participants. Seeing the result in the end created some very surprising moments.

    I like it that the voters cannot see what others vote, so they do not get influenced.

    for me as facilitator this was the most effective tool because I could clearly see what is going on.

    I have one improvement suggestion:

    When hiding outlines, the areas are white with this diagonal stripes. This "killed" my nice background because the outlines took a lot of cpace. It would be great if instead of covering the hidden outline it with this color, the outline is just represented as thin line but just the content vanishes. Like this, people still feel to be "on the island" but I still can hide content I do not want to show yet.

  • Christina
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    Dear @Michelle ,

    Your set up is fantastic. Sometimes I also don't want people to know there is something hidden until a specific moment in the activity, so I can add to the element of surprise while keeping my images as I want them to be seen.

    Here is a gem of a tip shared with me by the brilliant @TobiasWosowiecki , who creates some of the most beautiful murals I have ever seen:

    To avoid having that white area with the diagonal stripes on your mural but still conceal your thing, make a screenshot of that area of your board before adding the thing you wish to hide, i.e. with the Snipping Tool app (a fantastic accompanying tool to Mural).

    Save this snippet as a separate .jpg or .png.

    Once you have placed your thing-to-be-hidden on that area, download your snippet as camouflage, placing it on top of the thing you want to hide.

    Lock your snippet into place once you have sized it to make it "fit" into the lines, etc. around it.

    With a little fiddling with the shape, etc., no one will know until you unlock and move over or delete your snippet that it was even there.

    Get ready to wow your audience with yet another Mural magic trick :-). Enjoy!

  • Abe_Rod
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    Wow! So many good ideas!

  • 😯 👏🏽. 🙏🏿. ♥️