Looking for an outsourced Mural Faciliator to run several 30 minute events per week

I have an online community and am planning on running group brainstorming sessions using mural a few times a week for our members. I am looking for someone that knows Mural best practices and can host these sessions for us. We would either pay hourly or per session, whichever makes the most sense.



  • Hey @kevinclune, this is such a great question. We a piloting a new program right now that connects experts with clients. I will go a head and DM you a bit about how to get involved. Thanks!

  • Ciao @kevinclune bella proposta. Disponibile ad una chiaccherata e a ragionare assieme se interessa :-)

  • Hi, Kevin.

    I see this was posted a month ago, but if you are needing assistance I may be able to help. Please reach out to me at www.heatherwickcoaching.com if you are still looking for facilitators for your session.