Quickly surface valuable insights with new find and filtering capabilities

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edited January 2022 in Product Releases

👋Facilitators - when you are running workshops do need to have a quick grasp of the level of participation of your audience? Does the whole group contribute or are there only a few very active people? Who might need a nudge?

Do you wish you could quickly follow up with a person about their ideas? Or more easily identify emerging patterns? 📊

Your murals are a wealth of wonderful ideas - and it’s easier than ever to find them with our latest filter - Last edited by.

How does it Last Edited by work? 🧐

Located in the Find panel (look for the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of your mural, or CTRL/CMD + F), the Last edited by filter can be used to see which collaborators made the last text edits in sticky notes, text boxes, titles, and shapes. Corresponding avatars and names will be listed in order of most to least number of edits.

This newest Find panel update unlocks another combination that can be used in conjunction with other criteria such as object type, background color, and keywords to quickly spot meaningful intersections of ideas and synthesize sessions more efficiently. 💟

So new! 👀

This is such a new feature that content created in murals prior to this release have not had a chance to catch up! Going forward, any new text edits in supported widgets will be included with the filter.

Questions? Feedback? Want to chat about your use cases? You know what to do! 👇️


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