Sustainability Transition Pathways

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Hello everyone,

I'm designing a workshop aimed at co-creating sustainability transition pathways with agreed targets and actions for 2030. Do you have any suggestion on how to do this? I'm thinking to use backcasting as a methodology, but happy to hear your suggestions.

Thank you so much



  • Hi Gloria, back casting is a good tool in general, especially if you already have commitments to work from and exploring what changes need to happen to achieve them.

    You might also explore 3 horizons, scenario planning, and strategic foresight.

    I also think that softer activities around commitment and 'will' are important pre-work. I've found that these help to create general alignment. It's common for say an executive or an individual contributor to have lofty ambitions where as those closer to the accounting can drag their feet if meeting commitments leads to imbalanced workloads. On that note I created a short workshop that explore this and I can link that here along with some resources shortly

  • Thank you so much Swidnikk,

    that’s very helpful. I’ll be looking forward to the template and resources that you mention. Unfortunately we’ll be only given 3hours to run the workshops and there will be 4 based on four topic areas. They would like us to include activities around targets, milestones, actions, obstacles/enablers, resources. But I’m worried the client is being overly ambitious considered the time limit.


  • Yeah, less is more in workshops, three hours is a plenty of time to get through some serious work (and fun ;-) Here are the resources I promised,

    # See the post below for the MURAL template I referenced, you'll find plenty of great resources at Climate Designers. Also Marc and Sarah enjoy Mural too ;-)

    # Here's an interesting course, though I haven't taken it and curious