September 6 Web Release: Comments enhancements and squashed some bugs

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited January 2022 in Product Releases


👀 Easily see new comments and replies in the comments sidebar

When there are new comments or replies in a mural, you’ll see a fuschia circle with the number of new comments on the comments icon in the top bar. Once clicking into the comments sidebar, new comments will have a fuschia dot next to them with the number of new replies within the thread. This improved experience enables better asynchronous feedback to help drive work forward without needing to meet.

Bug Fixes 

🐛 When selecting and rotating an arrow that had a label with another object, the label would get incorrectly repositioned after refreshing the page or pressing undo.

 🦟 When creating a bullet or numbered list in the MURAL Windows app and then editing it from the web app, extra line spaces were being added.

🕷 When ungrouping a group of arrows that were placed inside an area and then trying to resize them, the connectors were not being displayed anymore.

🦟 When ungrouping a group of arrows that were placed inside an area, the arrow handles would not get displayed upon selection.

🐞 When changing the font color inside a text box and then trying to add an accent via long press, the font color was being set back to its default.

🐛 When drawing, the strokes were sometimes flickering.

🦟 Deleting an object that was connected to an arrow, would cause clients to send an API update request to remove the reference to the arrow.

🕷 The color picker looks cropped in the Firefox browser on Windows.

🐛 Changes in MURAL settings would sometimes not be saved when using the Safari browser.