September 9 Web Release: Enhancements to comments, labels on connectors, new templates, and more

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited September 2021 in Product Releases


✨Visually see which comments are new in a mural

When you enter a mural with new comments or threads, they’ll be marked with a fuschia circle which will pulse in the canvas. This helps draw your attention to the latest information, without having to sift through comments you’ve already read.  

✅ Easily resolve a comment or thread

Now, anyone who participated in a comment thread can resolve the comment or thread by clicking the check mark in the comment sidebar to mark as resolved.

➜ Create more polished diagrams with labels that snap to center

Now, you can more easily position a label in the exact center of a line segment. Simply move the label close to the center of a line segment and it will automatically snap to the exact center. 

🏎 Improved performance during collaborative sessions

Now, when you drag a group of objects or are editing text in an object, you’re less likely to have any lag in the mural. 

New Templates

🎯Reach better results faster

This Five Building Blocks of Visual Collaboration template by Bigger Picture provides simple tools and a step-by-step process with templates, models, question lists, and training guides that you can use and customize to your needs.

⚓️Align your team around a strategic topic

Experience the value of getting your team on the same page with the concrete processes outlined in this Team Alignment Workshop template.

Bug Fixes 

🐛 When typing in a text box and then pressing the font style shortcuts, the new style would not be set.

 🦟 Copying and pasting areas that contained locked objects were not working. 

🕷 When changing the size of a mural from settings in the Safari browser, the changes would sometimes not be saved.

🐞 The “trying to reconnect” banner would sometimes incorrectly be displayed when entering a mural.

🐛 Collaborators would see drawings flicker on their screen.

🦟 When there were multiple formatting styles in a text box, the toolbar was not showing the correct feedback for each of the styles.

🕷 When grouping two groups of objects, the order of the objects would sometimes be updated incorrectly.

🐞 When a mural was moved to a different workspace, images would sometimes be displayed as grey.

🐛 When cropping an image and then trying to crop it again, the image was in the wrong location when panning.

🦟 When multi-factor authentication was enabled, exporting murals would sometimes fail.

🕷 Members were not able to scroll all the way to the bottom of the comments sections for both open and resolved comments with threads containing 20+ comments.

🐞 During a collaborative session, connectors would sometimes disconnect when dragging one of the connected objects.