September 16 Web Release: More ways to filter and find content in a mural, new templates, and more

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited September 2021 in Product Releases


✍️ Find objects by the collaborator who last edited them 

Now, you can search any mural for the objects that were last edited by a particular collaborator. Inside of the find panel, you can now select any collaborator and search or filter for any objects that were last edited by that person.  

✏️Easily edit template descriptions

Whether you published a template without a description or want to make the purpose of your template more clear, you are now able to easily update the description of a template you’ve published!

🏎 Improved performance when drawing 

Now, when you’re using the drawing feature and there are other collaborators in the mural, drawing is less likely to cause lag. 

New Templates

🤩 Present data in a visually engaging way

We’ve released two new templates, Data Delivery Library and Venn Diagram, that provide quick and easy visualizations to share data with your team and find business trends.

Bug Fixes 

🐛 When dragging an area over locked and unlocked objects and then clicking absorb, the area would absorb both type of objects instead of only the unlocked objects.

 🦟 When adding more than one color to text in a text box, only the first color would be applied when exiting editing. 

🕷 When dragging an object into an area using the move icon in the object toolbar, the object would not always be absorbed correctly. 

🐞 Copying objects failed if any of those objects contained special letters or characters.

🐛 When selecting text inside of a text box or title and then pressing CTRL + X, the text box would get deleted instead of cutting the text.

🦟 In the MURAL App for Zoom, the top bar covered the release and unfollow options when following or being followed in a mural. 

🕷 The navigation bar in the MURAL App for Zoom was causing confusion when it was hidden so it is now always available. 

🐞 There was a delay between opening an invite to collaborate in the MURAL App for Zoom and the canvas opening in the Zoom client.

🐛 When the find panel was open and a filter was selected, CTRL + A to select all matching criteria in the mural wasn’t working.

🦟 The activity to add or delete a file was not being tracked in the activity feed. 

🕷 Users with view-only permissions could not open the find panel using the shortcut CTRL + F. 

🐞 In private mode, the find panel could erroneously be opened using keyboard shortcuts. 

🐛 In a text box or sticky note, if two (or more) words were separated by a line break, searching for those words consecutively from the keyword search in the find panel would return zero results.