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austin ✭
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I understand that the mindmap templates are just object templates, but I think if you built-in an actual mind map "sticky note type" or whatever you call those types of objects, it could be a lot better for users.

I demoed Miro and Mural and I want to say Miro had this feature, but you'd have to go check for sure.

Generally, mind mapping software allows for rapid discussion and thinking with "hands on the keyboard" only. That is, you shouldn't have to use your mouse to create nodes, sub nodes, or navigate between the various nodes (up and down). Also a proper mind map reorganizes itself as you add content, so you aren't fiddling with format.

Here is an 11 year old example from youtube of how quickly mindmaps get generated using just your keyboard: (28) speed mindmap - YouTube

Here is hotkeys that are common in mind mapping software: (28) speed mindmap - YouTube

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    I like the diagramming/mind mapping features in MURAL currently as they've massively improved over the last 2 years. It's made for mouse use I think, but I have not had any request to use something like that with keyboard only. I see your point. What's your motivation behind keyboard only mode - creation speed or what's the idea?

  • dmy_ge
    dmy_ge ✭

    I agree!!! we need a mindmap component.

    It should be

    • something that is super quick to navigate
    • not mucking around with sticky and arrows that goes out of place
    • quick add with keyboard
  • I agree. In Miro, it's super easy to build mind maps using only the keyboard, and also not have to worry about fiddling with design

  • I agree! the current mindmap templates in Mural are more a step two visualization to make it more pretty. When i just want to brainstorm, i need a quick possibility to add notes with auto generated arrows. Just look to the mindmap template in Miro.