Why ALIGN / ARRANGE does not work inside AREAS?


I'm building and testing a template, with AREAS inside which I have many blank sticky notes already ready for the participants and some images of rectangular cards I'll use in my facilitation.

I'm trying to ALIGN / ARRANGE those sticky notes and images to present a clean starting template.

But when I multiselect sticky notes (or images) and then choose the command to ALIGN them left, or to DISTRIBUTE them horizontally or to ARRANGE them in a column, nothing happen. They stay as they are.

As soon as I move them out of the AREA the same commands works perfectly.




  • kara
    kara Mural Alum ✭✭✭


    Yikes 😮

    We apologize about this poor behavior and the Mural team is hard at work to fix it.

    We'll post an update when this is corrected.

    Thank you for the post, we appreciate it.



  • +1 from Denmark. I really really hope the Mural team fixes soon /Malene

  • +1 from Germany. Please fix this soon, as its very complicated to handle a lot of Stickers without these functions. Thank You!

  • Same issue here - started a few weeks back.

  • Same issue with our team here in NY - this is extremely limiting to building Murals - is there an ETA for a resolution?

  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Rearranged lots of sticky notes again today by using the tool in the toolbar and I once again realized: it would be great if the "Borders" of the area the sticky notes are in would be taken into consideration or if I had the feature to "resize" the proportions of the resulting sticky note "grid" to make it fit into a specific area of my choice: If I give more room to the right, the resulting grid could become less "high" and if I restrained the areas from the right side, it would automatically make the grid grow vertically just by automatically moving stickies around in the space that is given.