⚡️⚡️  Quick tip: Templates to make your presentations more engaging

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Presenting used to mean one person talking to a group with a Q&A at the end. But not anymore!

As people become more experienced in leading collaborative sessions inspired by design thinking and game storming, audiences start demanding being more engaged. Active participation increases the retention of the information you share 🧠 , and your audience is more engaged and everyone has more fun.

Tips for more interactive presentations

A few of tips on how to make your presentations more interactive:

  1. Mix presenting with quick activities that allow your participants to work hands on with the content
  2. Invite your participants to add comments and questions on the go in your presentation. Remember to make time in your agenda to address those as you go
  3. Share your presentation before you meed by recording a short video and invite the participants to watch in advance. This way you will have more time to discuss when you meet

MURAL templates for presenting

Try the Immersive Sales Presentation or Tech Pitch Presentation templates from MURAL to make your own engaging presentations:

Learn more about how you too can engage participants with immersive storytelling in our blog!

Reflect and share

How do you make your presentations more engaging? What questions do you have for the community? Drop these below!


  • I love this topic. I do remember the days of standing in a conference room where one person speaks and the others listen, and then you run out of time for Q&A at the end. Not anymore is right! I love moments of Pause during a presentation and that is so easy to do with templates. Everyone is on the same playing field when people are dialed into a video call. It is easy to create a space on a template for games, fun, or storytelling moments. You can't really do that on any other platform. It keeps the flow of the meeting upbeat, engaging and inspiring for people to learn from and take away to their own meetings they lead.