Webinar ➡️ Fostering Inclusivity: Bridging the Gap Between In-Person and Online Student Learning

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When it comes to learning, students are in desperate need of flexibility. One way to provide this flexibility to students is by offering online learning options, but that experience differs significantly from interacting on campus. Join Timothy Boye, Associate Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, as he shares how MURAL helps bridge the gap between the online and on-campus learning experience and brings remote students into the classroom.

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    @EmmaS Will this webinar be posted in Mural? I wholeheartedly ask for it to be! Sadly, I noticed it too late, and just had a meeting with my fellow instructors where it became clear that we all would benefit from watching it. I would love to send them a link if at all possible. The ones I have attended have been so useful, so it would be awesome if the Hybrid sessions you recorded could be made available in the Webinars On Demand section of the main site.

  • @Christina You can find the replay here: https://start.mural.co/hybrid-at

    Scroll down to the Including Everyone section and you will see the "Watch replay" button for the session! Let us know what you think.

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    @EmmaS Wow, thanks, Emma, for writing me on the weekend! Now that you helped me find it, it's clear that the professor interviewed had SO many challenges we share as teachers going into hybrid, and so many great tips.

    @Jeff_Eyet asked and took the time to thoughtfully explore exactly the questions I am searching for answers to, which was brilliant, as was his tone, which was honest about this being about Mural but academic and not sales-y.

    Their discussion on how you can avoid participants feeling like they are still doing online learning in a classroom was especially helpful. The idea of having remote and present students listen to the lecture together, but then build in group application activities where those in the classroom can build their own teams while those online build theirs was a key point I will definitely use. That gives those that came the time to enjoy the multiple benefits of being in the same physical room with their classmates.

    Both speakers value the need for empathy, and openly appreciate the value of social contact from a student-centered perspective; that is, understanding that classes are about their connections as well as our content.

    The point about how we instructors need to be honest about the way education is becoming democratized and shift "sage on a stage" paradigms to make room for more collaboration and 2-way knowledge co-creation was especially cogent.

    All in all, while I really wish the professor had given us something to look at to illustrate what he was talking about - I would have loved it if he had shown and discussed murals from his very-interesting sounding courses -, the conversation is one every instructor would benefit from, perhaps best podcast-style, listening while in the car for example. Super helpful webinar, as always. Great job and thanks for helping me find it!