Single Large or Multiple Murals

I am totally new to mural. I am planning a large workshop with multiple activities. Is it better to have one mural with all of the content or to bucket up the content into smaller ones. I have seen some templates that look like there are multiple canvases in one mural. Thanks for your feedback and patience.


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  • frabo
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    Hi Rod,

    I'd say, it depends. In case you want to reuse the stickies from one template in another one, this is easier on one Mural. In case you don't, several Murals may provide a better oversight. Several Murals is also better if you wish to export and document e.g. as PDFs. One large Mural might be more difficult here, but you may use the export area function to overcome this difficulty. It also will depend on the length of your workshop. My experience is that one Mural is fine for a (long) day, but for a whole week, I would have doubts. People start getting distracted...

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  • KSchlorf
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    Adding an additional perspective: my team utilizes a single (large) mural canvas for 1-2 weeks of half day immersive learning and collaboration. We rely heavily on the outline feature in MURAL and facilitators often take advantage of Summoning and Ask to be Followed. What we've developed is a template for our own unique purposes. Having just one canvas helps to keep people focused in one area and allows them to reference the information more easily at a later date. It helps significantly to keep organized using areas and the outline and ensuring the things you don't want people to move are locked down.