Please help with integration with Zoom so invite/share works

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I have not yet discovered how to invite /share within a live zoom session.

I have updated zoom & mural, attempted in app & external email (using invite tab). Participants can view my screen But not able to collaborate.

What am I missing? Is it a Mural / Zoom /Computer setting needing to be adjusted?


  • AizaMarie
    AizaMarie Mural Alum mod

    Hey @MrStrong!

    To invite people to collaborate as the facilitator, you must have a MURAL account and an account with Zoom. If visitors are Off, they won't. They'll need to create an account to participate.

    Only hosts can invite other participants. Non-hosts only have the ability to open their own mural or ask the host to use the app and subsequently invite others - this is all enforced by Zoom. It can be confusing because non-hosts will see the option to share a mural and be able to send it to the participants but the participants will not receive anything.

    Hope this helps.