⚡⚡ Quick tip — 5 Introvert friendly facilitation tips

I sit solidly between extroversion and introversion. An ambivert in the truest sense of the word. As a facilitator, I learned early on that if I don't carve out space for introverts, extroverts take over and the quietest voices in the room get lost in the shuffle. How do we do this virtually?

  1. Build thoughtful pre-work that explores the topic you will discuss and lead participants to reflect before the enter our virtual room
  2. Start with an agenda and clearly show internal and external processing activities
  3. Use virtual rooms to shrink the number of people that introverts are interacting with
  4. Build out plenty of break and reflection time
  5. Give people assigned spaces on the canvas to brainstorm alone

What are your favorite virtual facilitation tips for supporting introverts?