💡Feature Idea: Spell Check dropdown in OS App

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This isn't a major request, more like a fix :)

I've been an active user and advocate for MURAL for over a year, it's a great tool and I use it daily. I've recently started using the Mac OS App and enjoying it! Seems to be more stable and responsive than the web browser version, although that might just be wishful thinking ;)

One of the key issues I keep coming up with that the browser version resolves is that the OS version spell checks, but doesn't offer a dropdown to correct the spelling error. When you have a group of participants adding notes or during synthesis this would greatly help speed up workflow and ensure quality capture of notes.


Keep up the good work.

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  • This is actually a pretty annoying usability issue. Would love to have basic spell check functionality.

  • I don't even see the spell checker in the OS version. What am I missing? I also need this functionality and find it annoying.

  • this would be really useful for the OS app! especially for external meetings with clients, so everything looks just a little better, but feels distracting when ideating in internal meetings as well.