⚡⚡ Quick Tip: Are you updating your Templates?

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 The evolution of templates

As we learn better ways of doing things we want to make sure those learnings are reflected in our templates. Since templates provide a way to support the adoption of methods and processes in the day to day work around the world, templates are not static and keep changing as we change. 🦕

New template updates

We recently updated our diagramming templates with new labeled connectors. See all our diagramming templates here.

When to update templates

A couple of scenarios when you might want to consider updating a template:

  • Improve them based on feedback from the practitioners
  • Reflect new product or service updates

Editing templates

You can edit and update templates that have been published by you. Follow these simple steps to edit and update your templates:

  • Open the template and click on the edit button in the upper right
  • Apply your modifications to the template, you can edit both the canvas, the title and the template description
  • Don't forget to save your edits before closing the window


Reflection time!

How often do you update your templates? Do you update your existing templates or do you prefer to publish new ones?


  • frabo
    frabo MCN ✭✭✭

    I update templates quite regularly. As feedback from sessions mainly, where new ideas or features are implemented on the fly. If they work, I usually want to have the feature in the template for the next time. Sometimes the change is just for the ongoing project, then I just copy the mural, clean it up and use the new features in the copies without touching the template. BTW, the labelled connectors is a highly appreciated feature!

  • Thank you for sharing @frabo! It's a great practice to implement new ideas and features that are discovered in the sessions so you and other people who use the template can benefit from the new experience in upcoming sessions.

    In what parts of your templates do you make most of the improvements? In the instructions or the design? Or both?

  • Hi @Emilia I normally just create new templates if I am using them but with these great tips I think I will get back in and edit edit edit :D :D