💡Feature Idea: Text Box Font Resizing

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It would be nice to be able to highlight multiple text boxes and have a menu choice that will resize text to "default" or "largest" or "smallest" sizes similar to how we can currently change the size of stickies.

This could also be solved by a font size number as in making everything size "12."

Right now to get the same font size for multiple text boxes I am highlighting multiple text boxes, reducing the text to the smallest, then increasing the font size by counting my clicks (for other text boxes not currently highlighted).

There is currently a work around, but this feature would make copy/paste text into mural or changing stickies to text boxes much faster.

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  • shinobinomono
    edited August 2022

    Hi @Schrojo

    I'm new to Mural. You mentioned a workaround? .. what is that? :-)

    I'm trying to make some text smaller but there appears to be a limit to how small text can be.


    Update: found it, just dragging the text box size handles works. Albeit not accurately.