💡Feature Idea: Multiple URL Links in a Text Box

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I would like the ability to have multiple links in a text box. This would work similar to word docs. often in a longer text box I find myself wanting to place multiple links for specific words or phrases.

Currently I create multiple text boxes, change each text box to the same font size, then group the text boxes so they appear to be the same paragraph or thought.

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  • Love this Schrojo! This would be a very valuable feature for my teams as well.

  • Let's do this!

  • This would be a great feature

  • theo_mccaie
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    I have a Mural Kanban board. I often copy useful information across from an email, slack message, etc. If these have multiple links (most recent example 'here are the three training courses to attend each with a link') then copying this info into Mural is quite time-consuming and messy. The result ended up looking like this but that was a lot of work when I just wanted to copy past.

    I would use this in other cases but this is the usecase that lead me to google and end up here.