Cynefin Game

ToughCookie MCN
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Hi, I have created and piloted a Mural Cynefin Game, which allows to experience four of the five Cynefin domains (comparable with the Cynefin Lego Game) . How can I share the template with the community?


  • Great question @ToughCookie! This sounds amazing. We love games.

    To share a template:

    1. Create a new topic in the Template category.
    2. Type a little bit about how you use the template
    3. Grab the embed link from the template you'd like to share
    4. Click the embed icon at the bottom of the post description block
    5. Paste the embed link in and click "Insert"
    6. Make adjustments to your post and then click "Post Comment"

    Here's a one minute long loom video showing the process! Hope this helps!

  • Thanks a lot @Amanda I just postet the template as described 😀

  • ❤ Thank you!

  • Thank you