Cynefin Online Game

With this template you can now play the popular Cynefin Lego Game online and experience the 4 of the 5 Cynefin domains.



  • @ToughCookie this looks like so much fun. @Emilia, @Benji take a look!

  • Benji
    Benji Mural Alum mod

    Love it :) , well done.

  • Learning through play! Love it! 😍

  • @Benji @Emilia Thanks a lot 😀

  • It's very nice. Unfortunately, the template is not accessible.

  • @vitoabrusci Thanks for your feedback. @Amanda what can I do to make the template accessible?

  • Hmm. Thank you for letting me know that this is an issue. Let me do a little digging to see what might be going on!

  • AizaMarie
    AizaMarie Mural Alum mod

    Hey @ToughCookie 😉

    This mural is AWESOME!!! Regarding your question on how to share this with external users, The only way to share a template with others outside of your workspace is through the pink share button. If sending the URL directly, only members of your workspace will be able to access it.

    We are very excited for you to share your template with the larger MURAL community. Feel free to submit the details surrounding your template at the following link, and our Templates team will get back to you with any questions:

  • Hey @AizaMarie

    Thanks for your reply. As fare as I understood the pink share button, it solely allows external useres to enter the Mural as visitors but not to upload the Mural as a template in their own workspace. In fact I would like to make the Mural as a template available, which they can use in their own workspace. As recommended I will contact the Templates team.

  • Hmm, interesting, let me follow up with @AizaMarie before you reach out, @ToughCookie. Stay tuned! 📺 We will get this sorted out!

  • AizaMarie
    AizaMarie Mural Alum mod

    Hey @ToughCookie!

    I am so sorry! There was a misunderstanding here. So, as I have noticed you used the embed feature to post your template here. We did some testings and it seems the feature itself is buggy. Your template is perfect! It's just that the feature seems to be having a bug that hinders other users from using your template. We are investigating this, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • @Amanda @AizaMarie just let me know as soon as the bug is solved.

  • @ToughCookie, @AizaMarie good news! We have a work around, while the team is looking at the issue. I have updated the instructions to reflect the additional step. If you are looking for a video, I made a new one.

    1. Enter the template you’d like share publicly
    2. Click Share in the top right corner
    3. On View link, click Create link
    4. Click the Embed tab
    5. You'll then need to Enable Embedding and click Done
    6. Once enabled, copy the embed link
    7. You are now ready to share your template publicly with your peers in the forum!

    For the above template, please

    1. Enter the template it again
    2. Click Share in the top right corner
    3. On View link, click Create link
    4. Click Done

    Once you do this we should be disco. As a thank you gift for your patience, here is a Fall Fun Retro template.

  • @Amanda should I only follow the steps 1 to 4?

  • @Amanda I just completed steps 1 to 4. Does it now work?

  • Yes! Thank you so much for helping us get that sorted. I was able to access your template and create a mural from it. B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L! 🦋

  • @Amanda Great that it worked out so fast. One more question. I would like to announce the Template also on LinkedIn. Is it possible to share the link to the template on LinkedIn?

  • @vitoabrusci I think we have sovled the problem. You should now be able to access the Cynefin Template

  • Hey @ToughCookie thank you very much. What a GREAT work!!!!

  • ✨Love that we got a solution in place!

    @ToughCookie, for linked in, you can absolutely share the template. You have two options:

    1. You can point them to this thread in community. *This is an extra step, so it drops click through rates, but gets people where they can share more
    2. You can use the visitor link that you just enabled in your linked in post. *This gives you the highest click thru rate.

    To find the visitor link, you can go to the template and click "Share" or you click the share button from the template's card in app (See first image). Both will take you to the Share pop up.

    Either way please share, share away. Your template is so much fun!🎢

  • where is the template?