September 30 Web Release: New templates and bug fixes

JanaeSmith Mural Team mod
edited October 2021 in Product Releases


📁 More easily organize copied murals into folders 

Now, when duplicating a mural, you can choose a destination folder to store it in for ease of access and improved organization.

New Templates

🤔Consider a hybrid workplace

This Hybrid Collaboration Worksheet template will help you and your team consider what and how a hybrid workplace might work for your organization.

🔍Evaluate the effectiveness of meetings

Identify which team meetings need to stay on the calendar and which ones can go async with this Async Meeting Calendar template.

Bug Fixes 

🐛 When dragging murals into folders, certain dropdown menus and sort and filter for murals were inaccessible. In addition, other dropdown menus and folder breadcrumbs would sometimes block drag and drop functionality for folders. 

 🦟 When editing text boxes inside grid areas, the object toolbar would sometimes be displayed in a different position.

🕷When dragging an object on top of an area’s title, the object would sometimes be blocked by the title and you couldn’t select or move it.

🐞When dragging a group of objects that were rotated, the objects would not appear rotated for collaborators.

🐛 International characters would sometimes cause exports to fail.

 🦟 In private mode, collaborators were not able to see or edit their own content when using ALT + drag.

🕷Starting and ending private mode was not being tracked in the activity feed. 

🐞There was an error while a collaborator was typing in an area title.

🐛 Folders were overlapping some dropdown menus and tooltips.