Client Log-In Challenges

I had a technology check with a large client group yesterday, and about 25% of them had connection issues with the Mural.

The Mural kept asking them to refresh. Each refresh asked the client to sign back in as a new animal. It was causing a lot of frustration. They were using the most current version of Edge. I then had them try a Chrome browser with no luck.

Side question: Why can some people see all the participant animals at the bottom of the screen and others only see their animal?


  • AizaMarie
    AizaMarie Mural Alum mod

    Hi @JHeatherwick, I am so sorry your team experienced this. Usually, this happens because of the user's connection. However, it is unusual that 25% of them experience the same thing at the same time. Your side question is definitely a connection issue. Sometimes if the mural did not load fast enough, the other participant animal won't show unless the page is reloaded.

    Did any of the users who experienced this, able to get a screen recording of the behavior? Are you still experiencing this working on any mural? Would you mind sending me the link to the mural in a private message?