⚡️⚡️ Quick tip: Run engaging all-hands meetings with MURAL

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All-hands is a company wide meeting which give everyone a chance to get together and share updates about the organization. It's a great way to have more transparency, foster the company culture and values, and to celebrate milestones and achievements!

Tips to make your all-hands successful

At MURAL we do all-hands meetings every two weeks. Here are some tips to make your all hands successful:

📃 Define the ground rules for the all-hands. This can include what tools to use to chat during the call, and online etiquette to make the experience great for everyone involved.

🔥. Start the all-hands with a warmup. This is a great opportunity to do a quick team building activity with the whole team.

🎬️. Use MURAL to present. Share the link to the mural with the presenters in advance so they can add notes and images to support their presentations.

💡. End the all-hands with a Q&A. Use a tool like Mentimeter to collect and keep track of questions.

Get started with the template

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We’re all-hands in this together! This week, MURAL Head of Culture and Collaboration, Laïla von Alvensleben, joins Emilia Astrom, Learning Experience Lead, to share the secrets to MURAL’s All-Hands template. 

In this session, Laïla will discuss the secret sauce to what makes an All-Hands meeting effective and engaging (she might even share some fun icebreaker ideas!). Tune in to learn how to make the most out of this template for you and your team!

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