Hybrid Sales Kick Off Ideas

Looking for templates to use through a 2 1/2 day hybrid Sales Kick Off Meeting. We want to ensure the virtual attendees are as engaged with in person attendees as much as possible.

I see the team building templates, but are there specific sales discussion and enablement type templates?


  • Hey, @shem! This is a great question. @Emilia, @R_Wood_123 do we have any templates geared to Sales Enablement?

  • kris
    kris Mural Team mod

    Hi @shem!

    I love this question.

    We do have some sales-specific templates. If you haven't checked out the Customer Discovery Canvas by Sommersault Innovation, you should.

    There's also an Immersive Sales Presentation for that nice transition to a more conversational sales process, rather than a slide deck. When I use something like this I bring participants into the MURAL with me and encourage them to drop questions or collectively take notes during the session. It keeps participants engaged and creates an active dialogue.

    If your sales team is looking at goals and objectives, Zapier's Discovery to Shaping Insights might be a good match.

    Two last templates to consider (this time):

    Use the Team Kickoff to get a new team comfortable working together or a Project Kickoff when you're launching a new initiative.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery - you can remix anything from our templates and frameworks to create a custom session. And don't forget to have fun!

  • Thank you for the suggestions! Digging into them now!