Onboarding activities for teams new to Mural

edited September 2022 in New to Mural

I'm looking for new ideas, activities or templates to get a team who is new to Mural up to speed quickly. Something fun and quick that gets them familiar with basic functions of collaborating in Mural - adding text, icons, images and completing activities I set up.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. 🤔


  • This is such a great question! We had a round of discussion around onboarding new teams earlier this year. In general, a lot of people make short videos, assign pre-work, and/or use icebreaker activities to teach the needed functionality.

    I particularly like the obstacle run template. Greg remixed it to suit his needs. He shared it in the convo above. I love that it gets people in and doing things first thing, you can really get to know a lot about people based on how they choose to complete a step. For example, instead of having them link to the MURAL documentation, you could have them link to a twitter feed they like, share a video of a place they want to go, share a picture of where they are from etc.

  • Thank you so much. I searched to see if there were previous conversations and nothing turned up. Will check out this and other ideas. Appreciate it.