💡 Feature Idea: Cards Feature for User Story Mapping

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What do I want to be able to do: Better organize information being put in Mural through a cards feature similar to Miro's. Specifically looking to use it for story mapping but can be used for other uses as well. Links here for reference (Sorry for the competitor reference! I love Mural but think this is a Miro feature that would be great to have)

Miro Cards feature https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020911193-Cards

Miro User story mapping using cards: https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020712554-User-story-mapping

Problem I'm trying to solve for: While stickies are great for quickly jotting information, they can be limiting when it comes to capturing detail and organizing. The amount of space limits the content you can enter without trying to increase the size fo the sticky or shrinking the text. Additionally, since pretty much all the content on a mural board is a sticky or text box, it can get a little confusing to easily identify 'what type of information' a specific sticky contains other than through color coding.

For me, I'm using mural for story mapping with clients. I can color code the stickies to indicate epics, features, and stories but have no way to capture any additional notes related to a story other than creating more stickies (which can get messy) or leaving a comment (but comments can get moved and aren't directly associated to a specific sticky). It would be great to be able to capture additional notes about a specific user story and tag the stories as well.

Why this helps everyone:

i) Allows the ability to create a card with a summary title but add more detail underneath it. Creating a single place to capture information rathe than through multiple sticky notes.

ii) Create more structure by tagging cards and being able to filter by them.

iii) Easily differentiate between different types of information on a mural (eg. cards are used for task tracking, stickies can be used for more general notes during ideation sessions)

iv) After collaboration sessions, user's sticky note entries can be summarized into detail notes portion of a card allowing to easily summarize workshop sessions whilst maintaining information in the mural board.

v) When exporting to CSV, cards will reduce the effort of cleaning the excel file since each card excel row will contain a title, detailed description/notes, tagging, card type information.

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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    This sounds very familiar to me. I think, we've discussed similar "cards" ideas here before. Would you maybe join some of the discussions, too?

  • I'm migrating from Miro to Mural and missing the "Card" feature. I agree with all the points stated above. The card tool is a very valuable feature that I've used for creating detailed portfolio maps, experience flows, kanban boards, etc. It would be super useful to have something similar.

  • I support this. I'm surpriced its not in mural allready. I want to do user story mapping too.

    What is proposed is good. A flip card functionality could be a way to make the experience closer to physical userstory cards Jeff Patton Style

  • Any plans to get this included ? WE are late in 2023 now.