💡Feature Idea: Introduce a "Muster Point" feature

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The feature would allow a facilitator to place a new object of some description, or ascribe the value of "This is a muster point" to an existing object (e.g. note, shape, icon etc.), to act as a muster point.

A "muster point" is a spot on the canvas which people joining the mural will arrive at and see first.

Additional, related functions could be:

1) Set a pre-defined zoom level to be applied when using a muster point

2) Have the ability for a facilitator to specify "Cannot leave the muster point / cannot change the zoom level" until released by the facilitator. Toggle this option on or off.

3) Have the ability for a facilitator to call people to the muster point. The facilitator goes too, doesn't have to be there.

4) Perhaps even allow multiple muster points and the list of them is accessible when calling people to a muster point.


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  • manuel
    manuel ✭✭✭✭

    Hm, interesting idea. I use the links from areas in the Outline (click on the right of an Outline's entry to copy its link) to give them to users to make them join at a certain spot and the area is automatically zoomed to fit their screen. Would that help you to solve some of your requests?

  • @manuel Yes, the links to areas or even objects currently do the job of acting as a "muster point" in the simplest form. The additional features I mentioned aren't currently in place for those links.